A singular exterior setting that hides an exceptional underground universe

The guided tour of the cavern of Thaïs, located in Drôme, takes about 1 hour to fully discover it, from its formation to its occupation by Homo Sapiens 15 000 years ago.
The guide will explain his daily life, which includes hunting and the making of tools made of flint, bone or antler.

Among the vestiges left by our ancestors, we will tell you about the ticked bone n°250, an engraved bone that can be considered as one of the first lunar calendars. From a geological point of view, the particularity of the Thai Cave is the surprising red and black colors that extend over its concretions. We travel 400 m during the visit but 4 kilometers of galleries have been explored by speleologists, and the exploration continues!


Qualité Tourisme

Elément(s) remarquable(s)

Underground river - Bone engraving

Type(s) de roche

Limestone - Urgonian Limestone


Geological - Prehistoric

Type(s) de concrétions

Draperies - Stalactites - Stalagmites

Means of payment :

Credit card - Cheques - Cash - Pass région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - Holiday voucher

Accessibility :

Pets allowed: only dogs and cats kept on a leash.

Site equipments :



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