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Let yourself be surprised! Beyond the authentic and nature shows, the caves of France invite you to discover a multitude of experiences and emotions engraved. Visiting a cave is unusual, surprising, fantastic, unexpected, mysterious, fairy discoveries giving rise to strong emotions and privileged moments to share with family and friends! The caves have not finished surprising you!

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Grotte SAINT MARCELArdèche

In the heart of the Ardèche Gorges. In the very heart of the Ardèche Canyon, on 500m pathway you will be amazed by the immensity of this cave’s galleries, the wealth of its concretions including the bewitching limestone basin (gour)waterfall which is unique in Europe. It was classed as a national...

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Cavern of DARGILANLozère

Being a visitor of Dargilan you're captured by the impressive dimensions and the variety of its accentuated natural colored formations. The original entrance, discovered in 1880 by a shepherd who hunted a fox, does not annouce the importance of the rooms which await the visitor. This underground maze, revealed in 1888 by Edouard Alfred Martel and...

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Grotte préhistorique des MERVEILLESLot
Grotte et cascade de SEYTHENEXHaute-Savoie

A magical natural site - A spectacular waterfall Paths and walkways take you to the top of the waterfall. Guided tour of the cave lasting approximately 45 minutes. Park addicted branch with 3 courses and 22 activities. Two large ziplines above the waterfall. Souvenir shop and local product.

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Grottes d' AZESaône-et-Loire

After a stroll under the ancient cedars, discover a mysterious world by browsing two caves nestled in the limestone massif.The first will reveal the geological wonders of Azé: the river that tirelessly sculpts the rock and the natural colors that surprise the eye. The guide will tell you the exploration of these hundreds of meters of galleries by...

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06/06/22 : JIGT2022 – The events

Find below the JIGT2022 events, updated regularly, for the International Day of Showaves and Subterranean World 2022 – #JIGT2022. Converging views on Subterranean World Since 2017,...

Merry christmas and happy new year !

ANECAT - Grottes de France and its members wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year ! And also, beautiful underground discoveries in France and elsewhere !

Touristic caves designed ready to welcome you!

France hold an exceptional heritage of natural spaces to discover. With 108 natural caves, France ranks 3rd in the world. The development of the underground environment for visitors aims...