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Let yourself be surprised! Beyond the authentic and nature shows, the caves of France invite you to discover a multitude of experiences and emotions engraved. Visiting a cave is unusual, surprising, fantastic, unexpected, mysterious, fairy discoveries giving rise to strong emotions and privileged moments to share with family and friends! The caves have not finished surprising you!

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Grotte de la VERNAPyrénées-Atlantique

Discovered in 1953, the cave is open to the public since 2010. The gigantic room of La Verna is the largest in the world designed to be visited - it is ten times the size of Notre Dame de Paris. Several packages of sightseeing and adventure tours are available, as well as tailor-made services La Verna Discovery MINIMUM AGE : 5 YEARS : Discovery of La...

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Grottes préhistorique d' ARCYYonne

The Caves of Arcy-sur-Cure are classified as a Historic Monument and formerly an Archaeological Site of National Interest for all the riches left by the first men, who came here almost 300,000 years ago (Palaeolithic paintings, grease lamps, tools, bones). Your journey will plunge you into a splendid universe of limestone concretions formed by the...

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Grotte et cascade de SEYTHENEXHaute-Savoie

A magical natural site - A spectacular waterfall Paths and walkways take you to the top of the waterfall. Guided tour of the cave lasting approximately 45 minutes. Park addicted branch with 3 courses and 22 activities. Two large ziplines above the waterfall. Souvenir shop and local product.

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Grotte préhistorique de ROUFFIGNACDordogne

"The cave of a hundred mammoths" The bear, whose beds (nests) and scratches are visible everywhere, was the first to frequent Rouffignac cave. Later, prehistoric artists visited three kilometres of this huge cave we know nowadays on eight kilometres, and they scattered there about 240 animal figures,...

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La Grotte du Grand Roc aux Eyzies : Visite Nocturne à la lampe tempête Tous les lundis soirs de l’été, jusqu’au 23 Août, venez visiter la...

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A chaque jour son #instant ! Du 19 au 20 août, venez vivre des expériences uniques au cœur de la Grotte De Domme en #Dordogne dans le...

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Touristic caves designed ready to welcome you!

France hold an exceptional heritage of natural spaces to discover. With 108 natural caves, France ranks 3rd in the world. The development of the underground environment for visitors aims...

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Show caves Managers' commitments Protecting the natural environment and organizing secure cave tours for all has always been and will always be the priority and skills of managers of show...