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Let yourself be surprised! Beyond the authentic and nature shows, the caves of France invite you to discover a multitude of experiences and emotions engraved. Visiting a cave is unusual, surprising, fantastic, unexpected, mysterious, fairy discoveries giving rise to strong emotions and privileged moments to share with family and friends! The caves have not finished surprising you!

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Prehistoric cave and museum of the PECH MERLELot

Heritage worth preserving A real prehistoric cave is an exceptional place which cannot be visited in the same way as an ordinary monument, nor like a copy of a cavern. The paintings in Pech Merle are over 20,000 years old and have come down to us in a remarkable state of preservation. However, they are still extremely fragile. In order to preserve them,...

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Aven Orgnac Grand Site de FranceSaône-et-Loire

It's a story that begins a hundred million years ago, stretching from the formation of the limestone rock right up until the discovery of the Aven d'Orgnac, in 1935, which now allows visitors to admire the gigantic underground chambers and their majestic crystal formations. It's a human story too, from the very first fire-lit tales and the thousands of...

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Rivière souterraine de LABOUICHETerritoire de Belfort

Discover the classified site of the Underground River of Labouïche in Ariège, in the heart of Pyrénées, a very rich area concerning caves and caverns.Situated in 6 km from Foix, on the secondary road D1, it has been opened to the public since 1938.Embark on friendly visit in a 60 meters underground journey. The tour, which extends over 1500 meters, will...

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Cavern of DARGILANLozère

Being a visitor of Dargilan you're captured by the impressive dimensions and the variety of its accentuated natural colored formations. The original entrance, discovered in 1880 by a shepherd who hunted a fox, does not annouce the importance of the rooms which await the visitor. This underground maze, revealed in 1888 by Edouard Alfred Martel and...

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Grotte pétrifiantes de SAVONNIERESIndre-et-Loire

A journey of emotions in the heart of the earth. Guided tour for 1 hour with: The Petrification, Infiltration waters, high in calcium carbonate, turn objects into stone and carve “bas-reliefs” in a tireless work. And the History of our “Tuffeau” quarries from the 11e to the 12e century, nature...

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Touristic caves designed ready to welcome you!

France hold an exceptional heritage of natural spaces to discover. With 108 natural caves, France ranks 3rd in the world. The development of the underground environment for visitors aims...

Post Covid health charter

Show caves Managers' commitments Protecting the natural environment and organizing secure cave tours for all has always been and will always be the priority and skills of managers of show...