Touristic caves designed ready to welcome you!

France hold an exceptional heritage of natural spaces to discover.

With 108 natural caves, France ranks 3rd in the world. The development of the underground environment for visitors aims to:

  • Allow as many people as possible to access at this exceptional natural and historical heritage, previously reserved only for cavers and scientists.
  • Raise public awareness of current environmental issues.

A natural, cultural, scientific heritage to be enhanced, protected and shared.

Le monde souterrain est un marqueur du temThe underworld is a time marker, a witness to the evolution of the Earth and its climate change. It is a unique, atypical and fragile mineral, biological and prehistoric world.

The ANECAT brings together 76 caves, chasms and prehistoric sites (70% of the French touristic caves) with the aim to share know-how, promoting and defending the underground cultural and natural heritage, authentic heritage of humanity.

Protecting the natural environment and organising safe tours for all has always been and always will be the priority and the job of touristic cave managers. Managers have tirelessly succeeded in making the underground environment accessible and safe. By managing the visitors flows they allow the preservation of this fragile environment.

This is for these reasons that, at this time of health crisis, the managers of touristic caves, members of the ANECAT, are confidently committed to making accessible to the visit and to make discover the underground world by ensuring the safety of visitors and employees. (See the ANECAT health charter)

Journeys between dream and reality in the center of the Earth to live with family.

Let yourself be surprised! Each underground site is unique, in its history and in its environment. Enchanting, surprising, fantastic, unexpected, fabulous, breathtaking, fairy, wonderful, timeless are all adjectives that come to mind when entering the underground worlds.

Each site, because of its uniqueness, the sensitivity of its scenography and the diversity of activities proposed offers unusual discoveries to experiment with family!

The caves are unspoiled area located in natural settings with a rich and varied terroir, inciting walks and discovery far from the bustle of cities.