Scladina Cave, a listed archaeological site

The Scladina cave is one of Belgium’s major prehistoric sites. It is the largest Belgian prehistoric excavation site still in progress and open to the public. It is the only permanent excavation site for ancient prehistory in Belgium that is open to the public. On site, in the heart of the cave, visitors can discover the many facets of field archaeology!

The scientific interest in the site is essentially archaeological, paleontological and anthropological. Scientific excavation began with the discovery of artefacts fashioned by Neanderthals (Middle Paleolithic). Then, in 1990, Neanderthal human remains were unearthed.

You can only visit Scladina with a guide. First, he’ll show you around the cave and its excavation site. Then he’ll take you through the museum area, where some of the archaeologists’ finest finds are on display.

The Espace muséal d’Andenne (EMA)

Housed in the remarkable building ‘’the Phare’’, the Espace muséal d’Andenne (EMA) is dedicated to showcasing ceramics in all their forms and to archaeological research at the Scladina cave. With a modern scenography and three interactively laid-out floors, visitors are invited to follow two thematic routes.

At the heart of ceramics

Between history, art and technique, visitors follow a chronological trail from medieval times to contemporary ceramic creations. Whether in stoneware, fine earthenware, porcelain or common pottery, ceramics reveal their artistic and technical riches here.

At the heart of prehistory

By putting themselves in the shoes of several researchers, visitors take a surprising journey from the origins of Man to the Scladina Child. This exceptional reconstruction of a Neanderthal child is one of the most surprising objects to be found in this Andennais museum, and a must-see!

Alongside the two thematic routes, the Espace muséal d’Andenne also hosts temporary exhibitions on a variety of themes, accessible to young and older visitors alike.

The educational team at the Espace muséal d’Andenne has put together a number of original activities focusing on ceramics and prehistoric discoveries. They are aimed at all ages: children, adults, seniors and families.


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Des visites spécifiques sont réalisées pour des publics à besoin spécifique. Cependant, la grotte n’est pas accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

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