The Mas-d’Azil cave, a geological curiosity and a giant of prehistory

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the place

The immensity of its cavities, the modern lighting and the prehistoric remains it conceals are all marvels that we invite you to discover!

Your visit takes place in three stages:
Upon your arrival, the interpretation center allows you to discover the life of the first men who occupied the site. Then go for 1 hour guided tour which will make you relive the excavations of archaeologists through their discoveries. Finally at 1,5 km, with the same ticket, the prehistory museum of Mas-d’Azil, will complete your visit with the presentation of a rich collection of prehistoric objects from the cave.

To know more about prehistory : Notion de Préhistoire et d’Archéologie du karst


Classified as a Historic Monument since 1942, the Grotte du Mas-d’Azil is recognized as an exceptional site for its impressive geology and its archaeological fame.

Located upstream of the village, the Grotte du Mas-d’Azil is above all an exceptional site with a majestic porch 70 meters high, a road and a river that cross it. But, it is also an extraordinary site for the treasures it has delivered. Its archaeological fame makes it one of the major sites which even gave its name to a period of Prehistory: the Azilian.

Always inhabited, the cave of Mas-d’Azil amazes and fascinates young and old. The animal bones (woolly mammoth, rhinoceros, cave bears, etc.) resting within it are proof that they were the first occupants of the place.

Our Cro-Magnon ancestors settled there later, making this place an essential site of Prehistory. They lived there, produced art on the walls (in galleries inaccessible today) or on objects as evidenced by the rich collection visible at the Museum.


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