After a stroll under the ancient cedars, discover a mysterious world by browsing two caves nestled in the limestone massif.
The first will reveal the geological wonders of Azé: the river that tirelessly sculpts the rock and the natural colors that surprise the eye. The guide will tell you the exploration of these hundreds of meters of galleries by speleologists. The path will take you to the prehistoric cave where a different atmosphere reigns. Refuge of men and animals since Prehistory, it is the witness of one of the oldest human occupations in Saone et Loire. It contains many traces of the past and you will be surprised to learn which inhabitants have stayed there ….


Geological - Prehistoric - Scientific

Type(s) de concrétions

Cave pearls - Aragonites - Organ buffets - Cauliflower - Column - Calcite flow - Crystallization - Discs - Draperies - Eccentrics - Fistulous stalactites - Gours - Rice grain - Pots - Jellyfish concretion - Palm trees - Butterflies - Piles of plates - Pillars - Pine cones - Stalactites - Stalagmites

Elément(s) remarquable(s)

Engravings - Underground lake - Paintings - Petrifiaction - Roots - Underground river

Type(s) de roche

Clay - Limestone - Dolomite - Granite - Shale - Flint

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German English Dutch

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