PréhistoSite de Brassempouy – Les grottes du Pape: exhibitions, a cave and an archaeo-park

The archeological site, PréhistoSite de Brassempouy – Les grottes du Pape, located 3km from the village of Brassempouy, comprises 4 caves: the grotte du Pape, the grotte des hyènes, the galerie du mégacéros and the abri Dubalen.

The Grottes du Pape archaeological site is open to visitors (by reservation only) from April to September. Discover the history of these caves, occupied by our ancestors for almost 30,000 years. We offer two visit formulas, one for quick access and the other via the cave trail.

The Brassempouy PrehistoSite is made up of several areas dedicated to Prehistory

The museum presents archaeological remains discovered on the Grottes du Pape archaeological site, including ornaments, engravings, prehistoric animal bones and casts of statuettes discovered in Brassempouy and elsewhere in Europe.

Several guided tours are offered every day, with special tours for children (aged 6 and over). You’ll learn about the most famous statuette in the collection, the Dame à la Capuche (kept at the Musée d’archéologie de Saint-Germain-en-Laye), the Mona Lisa of prehistory, known as the oldest representation of a human face.

Continue your immersion in the ArchéoParc, where every day our guides present demonstrations of flint knapping and fire lighting, as well as an introduction to prehistoric hunting!

Discover the environment and animals of the Ice Age, with reconstructions of habitats and animals, and real live aurochs!

Two options for visiting the Grottes du Pape archaeological site

The first option is available from February to November. It’s a quick-access tour, with visitors driving up to the caves in a vehicle for a 1-hour visit.The second option is available from April to September. This tour includes a hike to the caves along an interpretive trail. The trail is punctuated by interpretive stations, enabling visitors to learn about the evolution of the fauna, flora and landscape over the millennia before arriving at the caves.

Mornings by reservation only, see tour schedule.


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