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Let yourself be surprised! Beyond the authentic and nature shows, the caves of France invite you to discover a multitude of experiences and emotions engraved. Visiting a cave is unusual, surprising, fantastic, unexpected, mysterious, fairy discoveries giving rise to strong emotions and privileged moments to share with family and friends! The caves have not finished surprising you!

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Les Grottes de la BALMEIsère

Dare indoor adventure...Rare and exceptional natural site, The Caves Of La Balme offer a great indoor activity made for the whole family !Labyrinths, underground lake, amphitheater of rimstone dams (or gours), stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, draperies... The Caves of La Balme are a magic and mysterious place where emotions and sensations are growing...

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Aven ARMANDLozère

A Heritage Unique in the World • 400 stalagmites forest Treasure of earth and time A dense crystal forest like a virgin forest. An effusion of stone trees that frequently reach 15 to 20 meters high. The highest with its 30 meters is the largest known stalagmite in the world. A mineral vegetation with prodigious, magical and poetic forms. Wide leaves...

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Gouffre géant de CABRESPINEAude

Discover the site with bold installations: the glass balcony that will project you 200 meters above the void in the middle of the immense room, or the belvedere of the disks, which will allow you to take height, closer to the huge vault. High point of this visit, the red room lined with thousands of crystals transports the visitor into a magical and...

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Souterroscope de la grotte de BAUME OBSCUREPyrénées-Atlantique

The underground network of Baume Obscure has been developed in such a way as to protect and preserve its exceptional heritage. For this purpose, and to promote information and awareness, you can discover our themed visits, along with educational, cultural and scientific events. These themed visits are organized at the request of groups by...

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Site touristique, reconstitution de grotte, Centre de découverte Grotte Chauvet 2 ArdècheSaône-et-Loire

In the heart of Ardèche, the Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardèche, the largest decorated cave replica in the world features an extraordinary collection of paintings, drawings, and engravings reproduced from the Chauvet Cave, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.In the depths of a cave, the first artists in the history of Humanity painted a masterpiece : horses, lions, rhinos...

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Zoom : sur les traces de nos ancêtres en Ardèche - Le Journal du week-end | TF1 En dessous du Pont-d'Arc, se cachaient les peintures rupestres les...

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Touristic caves designed ready to welcome you!

France hold an exceptional heritage of natural spaces to discover. With 108 natural caves, France ranks 3rd in the world. The development of the underground environment for visitors aims...

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Show caves Managers' commitments Protecting the natural environment and organizing secure cave tours for all has always been and will always be the priority and skills of managers of show...